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CANJST4 - CAN Connection Cable for Plugin ECU's (4pin)

SKU 101-0198



Required to add CAN communications & power to recently released G4X Plugin ECU’s which have the new 4 Pin powered CAN connector (not the older 5pin CAN connector).  Plugs directly into the socket on the ECU PCB, provides CAN and a protected 12V supply to allow easy connection of CAN accessories. 

Suitable for powering a CAN Lambda, Dash, EGT amplifier or other similar low powered CAN devices which have a total continuous current draw of <3A. 

Note: there are two versions of this cable; both function the same.

Compatible PlugIns:

219-4000 - Plugin ECU G4X Mazda RX7 Series 7-8 (V1.4 onwards)

228-4000 - PlugIn ECU G4X Subaru WRX V5-6

233-4000 - PlugIn ECU G4X Honda S2000 AP1
235-4000 - PlugIn ECU G4X Toyota JZX90X
237-4000 - PlugIn ECU G4X Honda HC20X Type-R DC5/RSX
238-4000 - Plugin ECU G4X Subaru WRX11
239-4000 - Plugin ECU G4X MX5NB2X
240-4000 - Plugin ECU G4X MX5NB1X

DTM4 Male to JST4. 12V and GND Terminated to JST4. Length 300mm

DTM4 Pin Out
Pin 4: CAN H
Pin 3: CAN L
Pin 2: Ground
Pin 1: 12V